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Is ‘green’ just a money spinner?

The Ogilvy Earth S.A Sustainability Survey was designed to see how sussed out people are and find out what their attitudes are towards sustainability and environmental issues. Results reveal that 92% agrees that climate change poses a real threat to how we will live in the future; 87% think that not enough attention is given to the issue of water conservation; 78% would regularly recycle if it were easier to do; 84% believe it is important to use products made from sustainable and renewable sources; 84% agree that companies should let them know more about where their food comes from and 90% of people want to be shown simple ways to reduce water and electricity consumption. Almost 40% of consumers don’t know if they can trust green claims and 24% identified that the responsibility lies with the government and large corporations to address the biggest challenges we face in S.A.

This is quite shocking, but understandable. Most South Africans have had some form of experience with a green ‘fly-by-night’ company, some not even around anymore for support or maintenance afterwards.  Water Rhapsody has been in business for 18 years. Please read what some of our customers have to say about Water Rhapsody. Also remember the beauty of Water Rhapsody systems is that you do not have to change your lifestyle by using less water.

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