Gauteng and NW Province

Water wise swimming pools

There are approximately 168,000 swimming pools situated throughout South Africa.  A typical residential swimming pool can hold anything between 20,000 to 80,000L of water.  In a semi-arid country like S.A. the average evaporation rate during summer is between 6 – 8mm daily. For a 3 x 4m pool, that translates to around 2,600L of water evaporated per month, which is 31,200L lost every year. In hotter, more arid regions such as Namibia, up to 42,000L of water can be lost to evaporation from a 4 x 3m pool yearly. In Namibia it is law that if a pool is not in use, it must be covered.  An average person uses approximately 240L of water per day.  The amount of water evaporated from such a small pool would be enough water to sustain a human being for more than a week.

Please invest in a pool cover.


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