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What is an Eco-Estate anyway?

People are becoming more aware of the Earth’s need for protection and nurturing as well as our need for a healthier lifestyle. Consequently ‘Eco Estates’ are popping up everywhere as the ‘earth-friendly’ way to invest. Generally, an eco estate is defined as a development in an unspoilt area where the natural environment of the flora and fauna flourish. Since space is one of the major principles of any eco estate, they are designed for properties to be few and far between. On an eco estate you should feel the freedom and privacy of an environment that offers tranquility and the sense of being master of your own world.

If these ‘Eco Estates’ are so ‘earth friendly’ then why are 90% of the houses built without any gutters? Harvesting rainwater, which is very ‘earth friendly’ isn’t even considered. Why was a resident denied installation of solar panels on the North facing side of his roof, because it didn’t “look right” when solar energy is very ‘earth friendly’. Have eco estates stayed true to their promise? Most, it has been argued, have not. Most have succumbed to the lure of money, generated by golf estates (I doubt they use grey water to keep those ‘greens’ green), equestrian centres, vineyards or orchards, all of which destroy the natural environment in various degrees – and thereby they have undermined the very purpose of an ‘eco estate’.

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