Gauteng and NW Province

Paper & water

Water requirements for paper are surprisingly little. Sappi says only 2.7% of SA’s available water is used in the process of its paper manufacturing. Other environmental benefits are that the trees grown by Sappi equate to the removal of the fossil CO2 released by over 3ml of fossil fuel, which equates to avoiding the consumption of 6.4ml of crude oil or 14 370 tons of coal. Apparently Sappi plants 16 600 new trees each year, each of which absorbs 200kg of carbon annually. This means that in new trees alone, some 12 200 tons of CO2 is absorbed per year. It will also result in 8 100 tons of life-giving oxygen being produced.

Mmmmm …  I’m not sure I’m convinced… I think I still prefer the recycled paper, even if it is only 50% recycled.


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