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Drinking rainwater?

Can you drink rainwater?

In the past the answer would’ve been yes, without a doubt, but unfortunately today there are a few different opinions.

Rainwater does contain pollutants, soil, plant parts, insect parts, bacteria, algae, and sometimes radioactive materials that the rain has washed out of the air. If filtered however, you could probably drink the water safely. If boiled as well as filtered, it is most definitely safe to drink!

People using the Water Rhapsody rainwater harvesting system has often remarked on the “softer” feel of rainwater compare to municipal water. It is not so harsh on the skin and hair. I know my choice would be rainwater without thinking twice. Whenever I see clouds building up on the horizon, that feeling of despair disappears. Yes, rainwater!

If you live in a really polluted city it might be a good idea not to drink rain when it just starts, as it’s washing out all the particulate material in the air e.g car exhaust, diesel fumes, dust, etc. Then, you might want to consider municipal water for drinking.

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