Gauteng and NW Province

Rand Water in the North West

If we go according to what we are told we should be enjoying a slightly better quality water in the North West soon, AFTER Madibeng Municipality paid the outstanding amount of R1,4million. Well……… let’s wait and see…..

It is indeed good news. Hopefully we will have no more green algae baths/showers. This does not mean that we will have no more water cut-offs/restrictions though. Please remember the Rainwater Harvesting system from Water Rhapsody can bypass your drinking water in the kitchen. That is of course if you want to drink the water from Rand Water – at least you wouldn’t have to change your water filters twice in one month anymore!

Please remember : Without electricity life would be difficult, but possible. Without water life is NOT possible.

Please save water, recycle your water.

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