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Blood Fiestas in Spain

Surely when we take care of ourselves, we take care of the environment which include all living things. Animals are often on the receiving end of men’s ignorance and cruelty.  Every year on the 24th February, a donkey gets beaten to death in Spain. At least ten thousand but up to 20 thousand or more Blood Fiestas take place. The figure of 15,000 has been quoted in the Spanish national press but it has also been quoted that there are 2,000 fire bulls in the Province of Valencia alone.


The worst of all the fiestas for cruelty are those using cows, bulls or calves. A cow, calf or bull used in a blood fiesta can die from stabbing, strangulation, spearing, and multiple injuries. It can be thrown down from a height, deliberately and repeatedly knocked down by a car or tractor, or drowned. Before it dies it can suffer rape by sticks or metal spikes, live castration, have its horns, tails and ears ripped off, be blinded or burned.

It’s torture can last to up to five hours.

Please take responsibility for all your actions.

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